Exmouth School Project

We re-visited this project 12 months after handover and realised that it’s not always the large iconic and award-winning buildings that we construct that are the most satisfying to be involved in.
Modest scale projects are also very often a pleasure to manage as they make such a big difference to the client and end users.
In this case study, Ravenslade were appointed as Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors on a primary school project in Exmouth to construct a new Four Class Space building to replace dilapidated temporary classroom cabins.
The result is a vibrant learning environment for the children set against a woodland background with light, bright classrooms which spill out onto external areas.
It may not sound much to some people, but these spaces make a positive impact and we have received appreciative comments from the school which made this a very satisfying project to work on. See more of this case study here.
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